37621431185_91711906e2_oA Manchester based Alt-folk singer/songwriter, fusing melodic folk with an indie-pop influence, Kate Anita is a heart-warming story-teller. Perfecting her craft and performing across the North-west of England for a few years; in December 2019 she re-introduced her sound internationally with a debut release of ‘3am’. Sparking the interest of  BBC Radio and Manc-Made, with echos of early Taylor Swift, Gabrielle Aplin and Pheobe Bridgers, Kate continues to grow gracefully into the singer-songwriter music scene.

Described as ‘stunning’ by Live Manchester, as well as her new single Human making noise through the Manchester Singer-Songwriter market, About Mcr states,

‘Human both evaluates and contradicts itself by describing the two main aspects of living in the city; how for people, it can be very overwhelming when figuring out what kind of person you want to be, and also expressing how exciting it is to have every opportunity accessible to you in an inspiring environment’ Kate continues to use her voice as a way of expressing her values and views of the world as she develops as a musician and a young woman.


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